Crystal clear photography and accurate positioning data make Skylark’s UAVs the perfect solution for aerial survey and mapping projects where the highest precision is required.

For visual inspections our ultra-stable autopilots allow the aircraft to approach within one meter of a point of interest. The accompanying image, from a tree disease video survey, shows the level of detail offered by our smaller UAVs (click to enlarge).


For visual inspections of elevated structures and difficult-to-reach places (eg. roofs, bridges and radio masts) we use manual controllers so that aircraft can be manoeuvred around the most complex areas. Real-time video is streamed to ground monitors and any points of interest are photographed or videoed close-up in high resolution, allowing you to make essential maintenance or operational decisions.


We can also undertake radio surveys at potential radio tower sites (point-to-point links) or analyse transmitter footprints (point to multi-point). Fitted with suitable test equipment, the aircraft is hovered at different heights, headings and locations to measure received signal strength and the local radio environment. This eliminates the need for cherry pickers and poles at remote or difficult locations.


Drone mapping with ground stationWaypoint flying, using a computerised ground station, is key to producing a detailed aerial map and ideal for applications such as property development, land surveying, farming and archaeology. First, the ground station is utilised to develop a flight plan using a Google map of the area.  Once completed, the flight plan’s waypoints are uploaded to the autopilot, which then controls the aircraft as it autonomously flies the route at a relatively low level. While doing so it triggers a camera at short intervals along the way, and logs position and attitude data so that photogrammetry software can build a mosaic from the overlapping shots. The outcome is a seamless image of the entire region with unparalleled detail and accuracy.Image
For mapping work we use both multicopters and fixed wing drones. Multicopters are better suited to smaller areas, or sites with irregular boundaries and aerial obstructions, as they can take-off/land vertically and turn on the spot. In contrast, fixed wing aircraft have a larger turning circle and require a landing approach free from trees and buildings, however their flight duration is longer so they need fewer battery changes. Fixed wings are therefore the ideal choice for larger areas of open ground.

Whatever your mapping requirements, Skylark can supply the equipment and crew to suit your project.

With rapid deployment, high precision and no requirement for access equipment our UAVs offer the quickest, safest and most cost-effective solution for all aerial surveys and inspections.


The tool of choice for today’s surveyors and inspectors