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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs for short, are known by many different names; drones, RPAS or SUAS are just a few. All of these labels refer to remotely piloted aircraft systems. With UAVs now available for commercial work they are proving to be a game-changer across a wide range of industries.

High-budget aerial services, once the preserve of big companies, are now within easy reach of every small enterprise. Cutting-edge technology has slashed costs and produced affordable solutions to many business needs. UAVs are particularly effective in tight spaces, over water or at inaccessible locations, while their size and manoeuvrability offer a unique opportunity for breath-taking shots and complex flight paths.

Our aircraft payloads are also not limited to cameras; they’ve carried a wide range of equipment ranging from advertising material to radio test tools.


Skylark’s highly experienced team only use professional UAVs that are safe to operate within a few meters of a subject, and all aircraft can be controlled via hand-held remotes or a sophisticated ground station.

The ground station provides state-of-the-art flight planning and accurate waypoint flying (ideal for survey, scientific or technical development payloads) while our camera gimbals have world-class stabilisation, live video streaming to monitors and independent control.

Pilots are also fully licensed and our company is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring full legality and the highest standards in safety and operation. Finally, Skylark’s UAVs are built in-house which means that, in contrast to most operators, we can easily change their set-up to suit your requirements.


We understand that projects don’t always go to plan. When schedules change or the unforeseen happens we always go the extra mile to help you meet objectives.
Our key staff are from the film, aviation and engineering industries. We’re not only skilled in UAVs but also cinematography, air law, engineering and payload integration.
Aircraft and systems are specifically designed for professional use with world-class stability and safety features. Cameras are mounted on the highest-specification gimbals available.
Excellent lifting capabilities, versatile payload mounting and high technical specifications allow our UAVs to carry a wide range of equipment.
Aircraft can be flown manually with hand-held controllers or automatically from a computer-based ground station. A combination of methods is also possible.
Our pilots are qualified to fly UAVs up to 20kgs in weight and Skylark has been granted a Permit for Aerial Work by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority.


Whether it’s spectacular footage or a unique business solution, Skylark will help you achieve your objectives